My Wife, is the most amazing woman.

This is the site I built for my wife. Not really for my wife but more importantly for the story about my amazing wife. Its more like a techie/geek love story really about a guy that loves his woman and wanted to make sure that she and everyone else knew it. Its the story of how I, Isaac Bowman, met an incredible woman, the most amazing woman, and have spent the past 9 years becoming the very best of friends. Amazing because she is everything I ever wanted, the blue eyes were an extra bonus, and I cannot imagine my life with out her in it.

Pictures from a most amazing cruise

Here a few snap shots from a recent cruise taken with The Most Amazing Woman.

the most amazing woman

Boy does she love chips and avacados! We make our own salsa at home with peppers from our garden. It is some of the most amazing salsa. It so much better than the commerially canned variety at most stores.


the most amazing woman

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